A Levels

A Levels Back Up Plan for College

Loreto and Xaverian – A level entry requirements are 2 x B and 4 x C including Maths and English. Lower than this, A levels will not be an option for you in September. But you could do other course(s) for a year and re-apply for A levels there.

See college websites and devise you back up plan!

Here’s a summary of what’s available:

Loreto College:

BTEC Level 3, 2 year single subject in: Sport, Health and Social Care, Performing Arts, IT or Travel & Tourism

Entry requirement – 5 x C including Maths and English

BTEC Level 2: 1 year course but only run if enough students.

Entry requirement – 4 x D

Xaverian College:

Intermediate courses 4 subjects in 1 year: GCSES English, Maths, Core Science, Health & Social, Psychology, ICT. BTEC L2 (equivalent to 1 GCSE) Sport, Business

50 Year 11s have been offered a place at Xaverian without going for an interview. Book onto their summer taster sessions if you want to get to know the college better

The Manchester College:

A levels: (Maths & Science need B in those subjects) See website for list of A levels. 5 x C needed.

GCSEs @pre-A level@ 1 year taking: Maths, English, Core and Additional Science, Psychology

BTECs huge selection of Level 3, 2 & 1

Trafford College:

A levels 5 x C needed

BTECs huge selection of subjects at varying levels. The best choice of Engineering courses.

Some other colleges are still accepting applications – get online if Trafford and Manchester College aren’t for you.