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May 2017

A group of students recently took part in an team building and problem solving Activity Day.

The school invited the Wise Up Team to host the event for their Year 7 students in order to develop and enhance their team building skills. Particular focus was placed on planning, communication, motivation and the value of working together in order to successfully complete a task. Emphasis was placed on the successful completion of the many highly interesting, tricky and sometime amusing tasks – success rather than speed being the aim of each activity.

Throughout the day, students began to develop and display their ability to discuss possible solutions, implement them and then evaluate their performance. Every student was invited to offer their thoughts and potential strategies during the tasks. This provided evidence that the diversity within a team is often the key driver in its success. During the afternoon session, students returned to the Hall where a debriefing took place and praise awarded to those teams and individuals who displayed great team building and problem solving skills.

Mrs Cathie Halbert from Saint Paul’s said: “During the course of the day, I asked students and staff alike for their views and always received a resounding ‘thumbs up’. Positive comments abounded regarding the format, equipment and leadership of the event plus, it provided a great deal of fun and enjoyment - despite the bitterly cold weather.” Mr Tony Billings, Executive Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s, added: “Activities like this provide a very valuable experience for our students; during the day the students were encouraged to plan, communicate, work together and stay motivated.”

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