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There was a massive adrenaline rush for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils from Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe when they visited the Crocky Trail in Chester as a reward for their hard work and achievements throughout the year.

The pupils had an amazing experience at the Crocky Trail which is an outdoor adventure trail one mile in length with loads of activities along the way, such as mazes, swings, slides, bridges and tunnels. It was a unique learning experience for the pupils; it covered many aspects of the curriculum from physical education to learning about nature and the environment.

The children were able to let their imaginations run wild as they enjoyed the thrill of being in the great outdoors. The Crocky Trail provides children with good old fashioned fun and allows them to play in a way that many children simply do not have the opportunity to do so today.

“It was fantastic to see our pupils to get outdoors and enjoy a mile long adventure,” explained Ms Laura Huddleston from Saint Paul’s. “The pupils were able to experience so much adrenaline drenched fun. They ran along the Crocky Trail, scrambled through trees, climbed over crooked bridges and swung over the fast flowing stream.”

Ms Huddleston added: “The Crocky Trail was designed to give a taste of the past when children spent time running through the countryside and using their imaginations to have fun and play with their friends.”

“Not only was the Crocky Trail great fun for our pupils, it was also the perfect environment for team building as groups can work together to complete the challenges that lie ahead along the trail,”  said Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. ”The challenges brought out the best in our pupils and encouraged them to work together.”

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