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The work of our talented art pupils was showcased in a week long art and design exhibition at the school which was visited by pupils, staff, parents, friends and the local community.

The exhibition was primarily Key Stage 4 work with the Year 11's showcasing two years of hard work covering a Helen Hallows landscape project, Pop Art portrait project and a China links project evidencing a wide range of 2D and 3D skills.

Key Stage 3 pupils were also represented, with exemplary class and homework displayed for all visitors to enjoy. Pupils were engaged and enthusiastic about projects covered in the forthcoming years and took great interest in looking through the outstanding sketchbooks on display.

Inspired by Helen Hallows, Pop Art and China, the Key Stage 4 pupils have created wonderful works of art from an array of materials. Each piece is so different and many reflect the inner thoughts of the pupils,” explained Miss Rebecca Coyle, Head of Art and Design. “The pupils were so pleased and proud to showcase their work; there was a tremendous amount of time, energy, imaginative creativity and dedication on display. We even had our talented musicians to play music during the exhibition; the atmosphere was amazing!”

“We have a wealth of creative talent at Saint Paul’s and the exhibition, which was full of ingenious creations, was a fantastic example of the creativity of the young people at our school. It was a joy to see the culmination of the work from students; their work shows great maturity and depth,” said Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s.

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