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January 2018

WHAT a night and what a performance!

As soon as the students of Saint Paul’s hit the stage for their production, Back to the 80's, you knew you were in for a good time.

The '80s were a time of big hair, catchy music and too many legwarmers, and Saint Paul’s "Back to the '80s" managed to capture that 1980s essence while incorporating impressive choreography and incredible enthusiasm.

"Back to the '80s" is the quintessential high school musical: there's the nerdy-but-loveable underdog, the oblivious popular girl he's in love with, the mean-spirited popular football player, and a budding relationship between two teachers. "Back to the 80s" manages to create a riveting performance because of the era -- the 80s, with its catchy songs.

It’s a songbook show about a thirtysomething looking back at his senior year at an American high school, and reminiscing about the pains and pleasures thereof.
After failing to win election as Class President, 17-year-old Corey (William Bagshaw) must watch as newly-elected class president Michael (Jake Musungwa) steals his beloved Tiffany (Lola Walker) and his idea for a famine-relief fundraiser, then negotiate the year through to the Senior Prom, where Michael's two-timing antics with Eileen (Francesca Hayward) eventually lead to Corey and Tiffany being reunited.  Corey is aided and abetted by friends Alf and Kirk (Connor Harkin and Diyar Rashio) whilst Tiffany has to fend off advice from Cyndi, Mel and Kim (Nancie Porritt, Jenna Georgia Pridding and Freya Corrigan).  Watching over all were teachers Ms Brannigan and Mr Cocker (Lacey Penty and Amy Marshall), with narration from Adam Warburton as the modern-day Corey.

The students put on a great show.  There were plenty of good jokes and well-played scenes), and the music was obviously going to appeal to the generation of adults that made up the audience.  The artwork and sets were stunning and added to the professionalism of the show - thanks to Rebecca Coyle and Louise Stevenson. Tim Jackson’s musical direction ensured that the songs were very well delivered. The cheerleaders, led by Lauren Asker, were amazing and were very well received by the audience.

Mr Adam Warburton from Saint Paul’s who directed the show, said: “What a cast! I was extremely proud of our students, they worked so hard and put so much energy into the show making it a huge success.”

Mr Alex Hren, Headteacher, said: “The performance was entertaining and memorable, you could truly see the cast's passion and love for the show through their proud smiles, it also showcased some very talented performers and there were some stand out performances. It was a pure delight to watch!”

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