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Pupils who are members of the International Club recently celebrated with a multicultural party at the school. The party was an excellent educational opportunity to share their heritage and learn about others cultural traditions.

The pupils enjoyed a range of food and fruit drinks from a number of countries then discussed the various customs in different countries and how those people celebrate Christmas. The pupils learned how to send Christmas greetings in a variety of languages and practiced saying those words. They then exchanged these Christmas greetings in each other's languages. They also enjoyed singing and dancing in an assortment of international styles.

“The party was a fantastic celebration of diversity and multiculturalism,” explained Ms Valentina Spyropoulou, from Saint Paul’s. “The pupils had a wonderful time and enjoyed listening to each other’s stories about how Christmas is celebrated in their families. There was a lot of pride in the individuality of who they are and at the same time, they love the fact that all the different cultures were all in one place.”

Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s, added: “The International party is an enriching experience that breaks down barriers and binds people. It shows the commonalities we share as well as the differences, and it’s respecting and honoring the differences and the traditions and who we are as a whole which is important to us.”

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