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June 2017:  Staff and students are passionate about developing a beautiful garden at Saint Paul’s and were extremely grateful that a team of employees from Virgin Media volunteered to help work with the students and get the garden into shape.

The school plans to use the garden to convey some key messages such as where food comes from and the role of farmers and growers; what constitutes healthy eating and why it matters; and the interdependence of the urban and rural environments.

Mrs Angie Holland, who is leading the project (together with Deputy Head, Mrs Sarah Williams) and helped alongside the students, said: “The students are dedicated to the creation of a beautiful garden which everyone at the school and in the local community can share. We were delighted that staff from Virgin Media kindly volunteered to help us. It was a great opportunity for them to pass on their gardening skills, which they had honed over the years, to our students

The students are proud of the work they have done so far and are looking forward to developing the garden further. They are planning to grow a range of fruit and vegetables which we are sure will have a positive impact on their food habits and attitudes encouraging more healthy food choices.

“We are hoping that the garden will bring many health and nutrition benefits for the students; they will be having outdoor exercise, whilst learning a useful lifelong skill. We want to encourage healthy food choices and we see the growing of fruit and vegetables as a way to do this.”

“The garden will offer many benefits to the school including hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in a wide array of disciplines such as science, nutrition, maths and the arts,” explained Mr Tony Billings, Executive Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “Already, whilst working in the garden, we can see the students developing skills such as the communication of knowledge or emotions which will help them be more successful in school.”

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