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Pupils from Year 10 recently attended an inspirational IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Physics Christmas lecture, exploring the power of modern electronics and communications technologies, delivered by Professor Danielle George.

Pupils took part in an amazing national lecture from the IET at the University of Manchester, Engineered in your Imagination. During the lecture, Professor George explained that a revolution is happening. Across the world people are taking control of the devices we use every day, customising them, creating new things and using the sparks of their imagination to change the world. She left the pupils with the thought “Now it’s your turn; you can start with the things you have around you.”

“Inspired by the great inventors Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Professor Danielle George showed us how to use modern tools and technologies and things from around your home to tinker with and transform everyday items to something which will make a difference to the world,” explained Mr Stephen McMahon, Head of Science at Saint Paul’s. “Professor George explored the new rules of invention and showed how we should challenge our thinking to see how we can use old technology rather than simply throwing it away. She said the only limit on the question “what can I do?” is the questioner’s imagination! This was an absolutely brilliant lecture that really fired the imagination.”

“The lecture encouraged our pupils to challenge their thought processes and encouraging a ‘can do attitude’,” commented Deputy Headteacher, Miss Tina Wilkinson. “Professor George said that everyone could have fun with engineering and make a difference to the world around them. As she said ‘Anything can happen. It's all engineered in your imagination.’”

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