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Students were inspired when they were tasked with making a 3D model of an erupting volcano.

The Year 7 students had been learning about volcanoes in their Geography lessons and were asked for homework to transfer this learning into the form of a model. Students later said that this was their favourite homework task of the year.

The variety of models produced was a testament to the creativity of the young learners – the models ranged from paper mache designs to play dough to sponge cakes. The models portrayed the sheer raw power and excitement that is created by volcanoes.

Mrs Catherine Roscoe, Geography teacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “The students found this to be a hugely fun activity. The models were amazing showing volcanoes erupting and spilling frothy lava all over the place. It was a great way for them to learn about the amazing power of these geological formations.”

“One student, Kaitlyn Gordon, submitted a cake shaped and decorated to look like a volcano. Kaitlyn had put a lot of effort into making the cake look as realistic as possible and had even iced it so that it looked like it had red hot lava running down the sides and steam coming out of the top. We spent some time admiring her work and then the cake was shared so all the class got a piece to try. The cake was made up of a large number of cupcakes. The red ones were everyone’s favourite, they were delicious!”

“The Year 7 students applied a great deal of time and effort to complete their volcano models,” commented Mr Tony Billings, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “We were all very impressed by their models and how they had transformed basic material they found at home into glittering, eye-catching volcanoes.”

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