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Saint Paul’s was delighted to take part in a workshop at Xaverian College Manchester as part of its ‘High Flyers’ programme; a programme designed to encourage all the students reach their full potential.

The event involved a series of interactive sessions and PhD students from the University of Manchester introduced a series of experiments and worked with the Year 9 students to explore how science and engineering are used in the architecture, design and creation of buildings.

The students worked with pupils from other Manchester secondary schools and were given various tasks. One of which was to build a tower from strands of spaghetti and to support a marshmallow on the top! Another was to look at the properties of steel and to consider the effect of corrosion on metals and how that might affect a building. The students looked at ways in which metals are used in buildings and how they can be protected from environmental factors such as corrosion.

“It was enlightening for our students to see the kind of things which scientists and engineers do,” explained Ms Irena Savova from Saint Paul’s. “They were fascinated to see the many factors which must be taken into consideration when designing and building property. They then got to work with other students to see how they would approach the design of a new Humanities wing for a school. They really enjoyed the task and came up with many interesting ideas.”

Mrs Claire Hunt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Saint Paul’s is committed to providing an inclusive and challenging environment that stimulates the development of all our students. The purpose of the High Flyers programme is to ensure all students are suitably challenged and have the opportunity to realise their full potential. This was a great opportunity for the Saint Paul’s High Flyers to mix with high flying students from other local schools.”

“We are keen to raise the aspirations of our students and events such as these improve confidence and life skills and encourage the students to aspire to reach their full potential. The sessions grabbed their attention and imagination and showed them some of the areas where they could work in the future,” commented Mr Tony Billings, Executive Headteacher. “

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