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Staff and pupils have taken part in a “Catch Me Reading” programme which is designed to promote a reading culture and really get students engaged in any form of reading.Initiatives, to encourage and develop the pupils’ enjoyment of reading, so far range from:

  • Staff visiting form rooms to catch students reading and then awarding small prizes
  • A Catch Me Reading campaign for students to upload photos
  • Raising the awareness of reading areas around school for students to just relax and read
  • Part of the chapel has been refurbished into a reading hub
  • Reading clubs for all ages have been launched
  • An Accelerated Reading programme has been promoted to improve student reading ages

Andrea Williams who is leading the campaign at Saint Paul’s explained: “Obviously, we would love that students read books, but we just want them reading so we are raising awareness of reading, be it Manga comics, magazines, online article etc. We know it will take time to encourage non-readers and weaker readers but the more we push, hopefully, the more enthused students will be. At the moment it is still in its infancy but we are hoping that, in time, students will become more receptive and automatically bring books into school.”

Ms Williams added: “The hope when everything is up and running is that carrying a book and reading becomes a second nature to our students.”

“At Saint Paul’s, we encourage all of our students to read, not just in lessons but also for pleasure,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “We have put together a number of initiatives to help our students not only understand the importance of reading but to also help them gain an interest and passion for reading. We are working with parents to encourage reading at home we are positive we will have many happy, keen readers.”

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