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After the Year 11 pupils left following their GCSE exams, the time gained was spent training the Year 10 pupils how to use the centre lathe. 'One to one' tuition was possible because of the goodwill of other members of staff allowing pupils out of their lessons.

Thirty nine pupils each spent two hours producing components towards the 'making' part of their GCSE Engineering coursework. They were taught different processes of 'turning' which included 'facing off', 'parallel turning to reducing the diameter', 'parting off', 'lathe drilling', 'internal and external screw-threading on the lathe', 'knurling' as well as the essential health and safety elements of such machine work.

Mr Whiteside said: “This is a valuable 'hands on' experience that our pupils have gained which isn't possible to achieve in normal lesson time due to the level of supervision required."

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