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February 2017:

Saint Paul’s has introduced Cheerleading into the curriculum this academic year and at the same time launched its Cheerleading Club for the students. This is part of the Saint Paul’s healthy lifestyles initiative, which aims to emphasise the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise to its students.

Cheerleading has brought numerous benefits to the students including encouraging them to maintain a healthy level of fitness, developing strength and building muscles. Strong muscles are needed to perform stunt sequences, tumbling passes and jumps; over a period of time these moves build powerful muscles in the lower body, shoulders and core.

Cheerleading also helps develop coordination, flexibility and improves posture as it strengthens the spine.

In addition to physical benefits, cheerleading also promotes team building, improves confidence and self-esteem and helps with goal setting.

“Cheerleading requires athleticism, strength, flexibility, coordination, and dedication,” explained Ms Lauren Asker, PE teacher at Saint Paul’s. “With its great physical rewards, cheer is also a social, team-based activity that can help boost self-confidence and leadership skills.

“Cheerleading is the perfect way of giving yourself a challenge and will physically and mentally benefit you in your future.”

“The Cheerleading classes and after-school club are proving extremely popular with our students,” commented Executive Headteacher, Mr Tony Billings. “Cheerleading helps boost self-esteem and promotes a healthy life style.  Doing a physical activity is an excellent way of keeping fit, healthy and inspired.  Cheerleading also provides a superb opportunity to meet people and build relationships.”

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