Pupils visited Manchester United Football Club to learn about how the club uses information and communications technology (ICT).

The aim of the visit was so the Year 10 pupils could gain an understanding of how ICT is used in a real life scenario rather than just classroom learning. They looked at how the booking system works, the IT help desk, the ticketing system and the IT security systems. They then discussed the various networks which are used across all the Manchester United offices and the company’s use of the internet. The pupils then got to look at how the business uses its software and examined some of the specialist software used by MUFC for specific business applications.

Following the ICT sessions, the pupils were given a guided tour of the stadium and were able to look around the MUFC museum.

Mrs Sabeena Javed, IT teacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “This was a fascinating experience for our pupils; we had been learning about these subjects in class but being at MUFC and seeing the IT systems in action really brought the teaching to life. The pupils were extremely inspired by the visit and several were left thinking about possible ICT related careers.”

“I was very proud of the pupils they were well behaved, polite and enthusiastic in the ICT session and Laura Flint, the Curriculum Manager, commented on this and said this was one of the best groups she has had in a while,” added Mrs Javed.                    

“The visit provided an overview of the information services which are used at the football club; it was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils, “commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “They were able to look at one of the most dynamic operations in the area and examine how ICT supports the business.”  

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