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A Junior Leadership scheme has been launched. The team of Junior Leaders will be representing school in a variety of activities that will further enhance their development and also highlight our school’s progression.

Following training sessions in school, the group attended a two day residential Leadership & Teambuilding event at the Kingswood Camp (Colomendy) in Mold, North Wales. This opportunity allowed the pupils to demonstrate their commitment and enthusiasm to the Junior Leadership Programme, by helping them to develop a close and highly effective team.  The activities involved a great deal of fun and exciting learning experiences that challenged the pupils both physically and mentally.  Specialist instructors coached and encouraged the young people to participate in a wide variety of training modules.

“The Junior Leadership Team will act as significant role models at Saint Paul’s and therefore are expected to demonstrate the values of the school in their daily lives as well as encouraging them in others – both in and out of school,” explained Mrs Cathie Halbert from Saint Paul’s. “The role of the JLT will prove a valuable addition to the school as a whole as the pupils develop academically, emotionally and socially. Our aim is for the ‘Cool To Be Committed’ ethos to be cascaded overtime to all our pupils.”

“The pupils had a fantastic time at Colomendy; they were challenged in a host of activities such as: raft-building, Jacob’s Ladder, Trust Walks, Murder Mystery and Team Tech,” added Mrs Stephanie Oldroyd of Saint Paul’s. “The Team has an important role throughout the entire school community; they are responsible for helping set the tone amongst the student body and for maintaining and enhancing the culture of Saint Paul’s.”

“The Junior Leadership Team will act as guardians of our high standards and as ambassadors for the school,” explained Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “Being part of the team will allow pupils the opportunity to develop personal skills and qualities, including leadership, responsibility, sense of service and trust; it will serve as a stepping stone for them to become greater and better leaders in future, with a desire to render selfless service as well as respect the rights of those they lead.”

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