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Staff and pupils are working together to redesign the school library. The school see the library as essential to learning, and good design is seen as a central consideration in creating an effective learning environment.

Creating a library space that students want to visit means understanding the different ways students actively engage with learning both individually and socially. With this in mind, a group of pupils was selected to tackle the library redesign project led by English teacher, Mr Jamie Sharrock.

The pupils, with the support of staff, have been examining how to reconfigure the library space so that it encourages more pupils to use the area and for groups, individuals and classes to easily flow in and out through the day.

They looked at creating zoned learning spaces for individual and group activities, while introducing contemporary seating to bring sophistication and comfort with IT integrated throughout the space.
As a reward for all their hard work on the design project, the pupils were treated to a book themed day in Manchester where they took part in a creative writing workshop at John Rylands library, had a guided tour around the new Central Library and a tour around Waterstone's where the students all purchased a book.

“The library has a massive impact on our pupils, inspiring their reading, supporting their literacy and developing their information skills,” explained Mr Jamie Sharrock. “It is a unique resource, a powerhouse of reading and learning within the school. We want to revitalise the library as we want more and more pupils to feel comfortable using the library and ultimately we want to realise the potential of every pupil by exciting the latent reader and learner in all!”

Executive Headteacher, Mr Tony Billings, said: “Use of the library is a vital part of a pupil’s school experience. Reading has an enormous impact on our learning and ultimately on a pupil’s whole future so it’s essential to get it right. Our vision is to have a library which is attractive to all and encourages more pupils to use it.”

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