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A great way to discover new books!  The fun and festive project was launched this week— giving pupils the opportunity to borrow books in a new and exciting way! Pupils are encouraged to choose one of many books beneath the Library Christmas tree. As these books are gift-wrapped, the pupils have no knowledge about the type of book they are borrowing.

This is a great way for pupils to find fantastic, staff-recommended books that they wouldn't ordinarily read, while minimising the inclination to judge books by their covers.
“We wanted to encourage our pupils to try books which they usually wouldn’t consider reading,” explained Mrs Irena Savova from Saint Paul’s. “All the books selected are great reads, there’s a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books and we know that the pupils are keen to join in the fun. There is always something special about opening a present especially at Christmas time.”

Deputy Headteacher, Miss Tina Wilkinson, said:  “This has been a great way to encourage the pupils to read and to read a wider range of books. They have all loved taking part and several pupils have said that they have enjoyed reading books that they wouldn’t usually have chosen and others have commented that the book covers would have put them off selecting that book. The whole project has been great fun!”

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