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What a joy to see the eternally delightful Little Shop of Horrors at Saint Paul's! The musical is infectious, funny and unexpectedly poignant; it is a simple tale of a boy and a girl struggling to make ends meet - and a man-eating plant determined to take over the world!! Directed by Adam Warburton, Little Shop of Horrors is an absolute delight from the very first note.

The musical is set in Mushnik’s Florists on New York’s Skid Row in a time “not that long ago”.

The irritable owner, Mr Mushnik (Ishola Finney) and his staff, the geeky hapless florist Seymour Krelborn, skillfully portrayed by Cole Morris, and good-time girl Audrey (Melissa Robertson) are down on their luck until Seymour discovers an exotic plant with a macabre craving. Because he is secretly in love with Audrey he names the plant Audrey II in her honour.

The plant becomes a popular attraction, and as Seymour’s fame as a celebrity horticulturalist grows, he hopes to win Audrey away from her abusive boyfriend, sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello (Jake Musungwa). There is just one problem: Audrey II requires regular feeding with human flesh, which she demands in increasingly peremptory tones.

Audrey II has plans that are far greater than Seymour can handle as it grows into a bad-tempered, foul-mouthed carnivore who offers fame and fortune in exchange for feeding its growing appetite.

The dentist chair duet Now (It’s Just the Gas) is not just hysterically funny, and extremely well staged, but also clever, showing us the moment when the seeds of Seymour’s corruption are planted.

Seymour’s head is turned not just by Audrey but the media beating a path to his door to examine the monstrous plant he’s cultivated.

With a chorus of three singers, the Ronnettes (Sasha Dixon, Tanya King, Amie Swift) who perform a variety of songs ranging from pop through Motown to doo-wop, it’s a touching and hilarious show.

Miss Tina Wilkinson, Acting Headteacher, said: “The whole evening was a resounding success, rapturously received by a full house. This was a performance to treasure. Every member of the cast could really sing – and act. It was a pure joy to watch them perform. I felt incredibly proud that they are our pupils.”

“This play would have been nothing without its Director Adam Warburton who put in an enormous amount of time and effort to produce such an amazing show. Congratulations to him and every single one of the pupils and staff involved whether they were on stage, in the wings, behind the scenes or designing and producing the set and costumes.”

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