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Year 8 students had a day at school focusing on their future; the focus was on work related learning and the skills needed to succeed. 

Whilst Year 7s and Year 9s were attending their Consultation Day, Year 8 students took time out from their studies to consider what they would like to achieve in the future and the career to which they aspire. They looked at all aspects for work from health and safety to how the jobs and legislation have changed from Victorian times to present days and finally what skills you need to succeed. The students then took part in the Saint Paul’s version of The Apprentice.

Mrs Cathie Halbert, from Saint Paul’s, explained: “The students were very enthusiastic; they looked at a wide range of work related skills including examining the key skills of successful people, researching the major local employers, considering how to approach looking for a job and the appreciating the attitude necessary for a successful career. I am sure that they took many useful ideas away from the day and that this learning will form the basis for their future career development.”

“This was a fantastic day; we all enjoyed discussing with the students the many and varied exciting opportunities available to them,” explained Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “The focused day enabled the students to gain an understanding of the many career opportunities available, also it examined the skills and attitudes needed for a successful future.”

“An opportunity like this allows the students to make a more informed choice about how best to approach their future journey towards a successful career. Starting early with the students allows them time to consider what they’d like to achieve and think about the pathway to achieve this. They can start talking to family and acquaintances about their careers and the hard work and dedication needed to achieve those goals.”

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