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Pupils took part in the Mini DASH meeting which is organised by the Diocese of Shrewsbury. The meeting is for Head Teachers and a selection of pupils also attend to meet with pupils from other Catholic schools and take part in various activities related to their faith.

Twelve pupils from year 10 at Saint Paul’s were selected to represent the school at the Mini DASH (Diocesan Association of Secondary Head teachers) meeting. The meeting for the pupils is held at the same time as the secondary head teachers of the Diocese of Shrewsbury meet together. The meeting took place at Loreto Grammar School where pupils were able to share and discuss a wide variety of ideas and suggestions and were encouraged to take the ideas back to their own schools, passing them on and developing them.

Mrs Lisa Baillie, Assistant Headteacher at Saint Paul’s said: “Pupils from schools across the diocese attended the event. They took part in collaborative activities based on a theme for the day. Bishop Mark has designated a year for vocations and, along with Lent, this was the theme for pupils to work on.

After some ice breaker activities that enabled pupils to get to know each other, groups looked at people in the Bible and the personal qualities they had, this was linked to the qualities that today make someone a good Christian. Pupils then had the chance to make a memento of the day that included personalised bracelets and name badges.

Just before lunch the groups were joined by their headteachers who were able to see the fantastic work that had taken place. The session ended with some time for reflective prayer which provided the perfect opportunity for reflection. Pupils returned to school having thoroughly enjoyed the event as well as having made lots of new friends.”

“The Mini DASH was an excellent opportunity for the pupils to mix with pupils from different schools, to get together and share their thoughts. It also gave them the opportunity to share their ideas with the head teachers,” explained Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “I was very proud of all the pupils involved; they were fantastic ambassadors for Saint Paul’s, participating well and behaving impeccably.”

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