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"A good school which has many strengths"

Saint Paul’s Catholic High School has just seen the publication of its latest Section 48 Inspection Report by the Diocese of Shrewsbury. The school has been rated as “good” with many strengths.

Under the leadership of Mr Tony Billings, Executive Head Teacher, a strong partnership has been forged with All Hallows Catholic College, an outstanding academy in Macclesfield.

The report stated: “This is a good school which has many strengths and effectively lives out its mission statement.”  The inspectors commented: “Pupils are proud that they attend here (Saint Paul’s) and they are appreciative of all that is being done on their behalf by all staff.”

Inspectors noted that “There is a strong, effective and well-resourced pastoral support system in place to support pupils with different needs.” And that  “Throughout the school, there are aspirational quotations and reflections as well as acknowledgements of pupil achievements in a range of fields. “

The report also says “Incidents of bullying are few and the pupils state they are dealt with efficiently, effectively and fairly. From pupil interviews it is overwhelmingly believed that this is a safe and secure place in which to learn where everyone is valued and success celebrated and all are made welcome.”

Mr Billings said ‘The report correctly recognises the good work happening at Saint Paul’s. I am delighted with the way everyone is working so well together - staff, students and parents. The report mentions there is “An awareness of the common good and commitment to the wider community and service for others runs throughout the school.” We are all committed to each other and are very proud of this.

”It’s vital that we raise the bar on expectations and aspirations for our young people so they can have the best chances of a happy and fulfilling life.

“All pupils are encouraged to work hard and aspire to achieve the best that they can.” (Diocese Inspection Report).

“At the heart of every Catholic school is the development of the whole person, we aim to help every child to realise their God-given potential. Academic success and good values go hand in hand.”

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