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Saint Paul’s is delighted to announce the appointment of new Head Boy, Cyriac Kombanal, and Head Girl Olimpia Knapczyk. The Head Boy and Head Girl play a key role in the school community and the appointments follow a lengthy interviewing and selection process.

Cyriac and Olimpia will act as role models and figureheads at Saint Paul’s. They will represent the school at a wide variety of events and work with a team of carefully selected prefects to help ensure the smooth running of the school. They will assist staff, support younger students, help to maintain our high standards, organise events and represent the school in the community.

The school sees the position of Head Boy and Head Girl as a significant recognition of responsibility and the role provides an important connection between the students and staff. The Head Boy and Head Girl are very visible and respected characters around school and set an excellent example to other students with their approach based on the five Christian values of service, respect, stewardship, compassion and love which have been adopted by the school.

“Becoming Head Boy or Head Girl is a valuable goal; it plays an important part in a student’s personal development and opens their mind to new levels of responsibility and participation in a very positive way. When selecting the Head Boy and Head Girl we take a range of factors into consideration; they must be good public speakers, be able to motivate other students, have good organisational and communication skills, have a mature and thoughtful outlook, have excellent leadership and team work skills, be responsible and reliable and have the confidence to speak to parents, staff and the community,” explained Mrs Claire Hunt, Acting Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “In the past our Head Boy and Head Girl have acted as excellent role models to the other students. We are sure that Cyriac and Olimpia will behave similarly and will be a real credit to our school and their families.”

“We put a great deal of time and effort into selecting and training our Head Boy and Head Girl as they will act as guardians of our high standards and as ambassadors for the school,” commented Mr Tony Billings, Executive Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “I am delighted to appoint Cyriac and Olimpia. They have always shown themselves to be very thoughtful, mature, responsible and proactive young people which are essential traits for the holders of these positions.”

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