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Pupils recently took part in an inspirational lecture delivered by Rob Wix and organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Year 10 pupils attended the amazing lecture at the University of Manchester. Rob Wix, the renowned Science Communicator and Presenter, gave an interactive presentation where he demonstrated Music Technology in a way never heard before!

Several pupils from Saint Paul’s volunteered to go up on stage with Rob where they were able to try out mixing, recording and have their voices re-arranged with some very unusual results. The volunteers also had the chance to jam live on stage using the latest live music performance technology.

Mr Stephen McMahon, Head of Science at Saint Paul’s, said: “The Now Hear This lecture was fantastic, Rob described the science of sound and music. He brought to life the sound waves, the vibrations involved and explained how sound travels.

Rob showed how to turn everyday objects which you have around your home into powerful speakers; he explored the links between mobile phone ringtones and computer game music and looked at how modern music can come to life with the aid of the latest computer and keyboard technology.”

“The event focused on the magic of Physics and appealed to our pupils’ interest in music and sound,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “The lecture was fast-paced instilling a sense of excitement and wonder; it definitely captured the attention and enthusiasm of our pupils. We are sure that it will inspire and engage our pupils even more in their science studies.”

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