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Students from Oxford University recently visited our school and gave a talk to our pupils. The students from Corpus Christi College, Oxford spoke to Saint Paul’s High Flyers about university life and what it could offer them. They discussed the social and financial aspects of university, what life at university actually involves and the unique advantages of Oxford University.

The purpose of the visit was to show pupils, from Years 7-10, the benefits of progressing to Higher Education, and especially Oxford University, from early on in their secondary education. The aim was to raise the aspirations and motivation of the pupils whilst at the same time allowing the pupils to gain a lot of information about university life.

“The aim of the visit was to raise aspirations and encourage our most able pupils to consider University as an option for their futures,” said Mrs Clare Hunt, Assistant Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “It was an excellent opportunity for our pupils to get an insight into what life at university is like. The pupils were able to spend some time talking to the students and realised that, with some hard work and dedication, university could be a realistic future option for themselves.”

Mrs Hunt added: “The session gave the pupils information on Russell Group universities, including Oxford, the application process and dispelled myths about university. The students talked about the importance of aiming high, of having aspirations and working hard to achieve those aspirations. There was also a fantastic opportunity for Q&A.”

“We appreciate the chance to show our pupils at an early age some of the possibilities open to them,” said Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s.  “We hope that this will inspire and motivate them to contribute and achieve whilst at school.”

“We were delighted when the Oxford students said how engaged our pupils were with what they were saying and the excellent questions they asked,” continued Mrs Minshall.  “They were very positive about the school and impressed with our building and facilities.”

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