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A group of pupils visited the outdoor BMXing track at Platt Fields in Manchester where they were introduced to the Olympic sport of BMXing.

The cohort of year 7 pupils are taking part in the Talented Performers Programme, designed specifically to give students an insight into a number of sports including the Olympic sport of BMX (bicycle motocross) racing.

The Talented Performers Programme enables the high flying PE pupils to enhance their sporting skills with the school’s support. It incorporates all sports and the aim is to help the talented pupils manage and balance sporting, personal and academic demands. The BMXing experience is one of the ways that the school is providing opportunities for the high flyers to build upon their talents and develop all round skills and fitness.

The pupils were able to take part in races and games and learnt race starts, jumps and cornering techniques.

Mr Rob McKie, PE teacher at Saint Paul’s explained: “BMX biking is great for working on cardio-vascular fitness, burning fat and improving balance. As well as being a challenging and exhilarating sport,  BMX riding conditions your cardiovascular system; pedaling your BMX bike uses various leg muscles, which burns calories and helps you to maintain a healthy weight and lifting the handlebars of your BMX to perform tricks can build and tone muscles in your arms including your biceps and triceps.”

Ms Laura Wild, Head of PE, said: “The Talented Performers scheme covers a wide range of areas influencing the sports performer, in an attempt to maximise their performance and chance of future success, as well as developing understanding between academics and competition. At Saint Paul’s, we are committed to developing our pupils’ sporting skills and are keen to provide opportunities to access high quality sporting activities so they are able to develop to their full potential.”

Ms Wild added: “The pupils had to negotiate some difficult bumps and jumps as well as some big drops and climbs. All the pupils involved thoroughly enjoyed the session and demonstrated excellent attitude, behaviour and effort, which enabled them to progress very quickly. After six hours coaching they entered into a competition against other local school and won becoming the Manchester champions!”

“This was an excellent opportunity for our pupils to learn new skills and enhance their fitmess,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “BMXing is accessible to people of all abilities and is a fantastic way to be physically active and have fun at the same time. We believe that it’s important to encourage our pupils to have an active lifestyle.”

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