Pupils say “Ciao” to GCSE Italian < < BACK

Pupils recently enjoyed learning Italian and exploring Italian food and culture at the school. The pupils rolled up their sleeves and immersed themselves in the Italian culture as they started cooking some basic Italian recipes, which were even written in Italian!

The pupils, who have opted to take GCSE Italian, enjoyed food tasting, pizza making and a team quiz to test their knowledge of Italy. Insalata caprese, polpettine and nutella were particular favourites. Buon appetito!

The morning’s immersion in Italian was designed as a pleasurable way to kick start Italian GCSE.  The new experiences were presented to them by Mrs Anna Maria Forti Sheikh and sponsored by the Italian Consulate in Manchester through the Italian Language and Culture Diffusion Centre (CDLCI).

Anna Maria explained “Teaching basic Italian vocabulary through cooking is a great way to help the pupils to learn. Everyone knows that Italians love their food and this is an excellent way to make language learning exciting for young people. The students were so happy to have such a fun experience.” 

She continued: “Italian is a wonderful language and this initiative, which is unique in its format and genre, makes it an inspiring way to learn.”

“Everyone really enjoyed the Italian morning. There were three native Italian teachers teaching a carousel of activities through our link to the consulate with our assistant Anna Maria Sheikh,” commented Mrs Helen Farrar, Head of Modern Languages. “There were a number of cultural activities based on information on Italy and Italian culture with food tasting and the preparation of a pizza followed by eating the product. The pupils were then introduced to Italian TV and music.”



“As well as being great fun,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “The Italian morning was an excellent way of preparing pupils for studying Italian at Saint Paul’s; it is a great language and I’m sure that they will enjoy learning it.”

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