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A group of pupils took part in a reading workshop at the school organised by The Portico Library, Manchester.

The Year 9 pupils enjoyed the interactive workshop where they explored the choices we make when choosing a book and what factors influence that choice. The mentors from The Portico led the sessions and discussed with the pupils how and when they read and what they select to read for pleasure. They also looked at the best ways to write effective book reviews and invited the pupils to join in their book review competition.

The workshop was a very lively and enjoyable event,” explained Ms Irena Savova, the school’s librarian. “The Portico Library is involved in numerous outreach activities each year so are well aware of how to engage with the pupils and provide inspiration to encourage their reading.

“The Portico mentors aim to encourage life-long learning and engage with young people in the region in order to facilitate their pursuits in art, history, literature and science. We were delighted that they asked to visit the school and spend time with our pupils.”

Executive Headteacher, Tony Billings, said: “The visit provided much inspiration for our pupils as the mentors from The Portico Library connected well with them and brought to life the magic of reading and the pleasure which can be gained from immersing yourself in a good book. As a school, we are very keen to inspire in our pupils a love of books and the written word.”

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