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A group of dedicated readers were rewarded for their positive attitude to reading by being invited to tour John Rylands Library in Manchester and take part in a Collection Protection workshop.

The pupils enjoyed visiting the nineteenth century library which is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world; both the building and its collections are of outstanding international significance.

The workshop focused on the work of the Library and how it cares for its collections, the science underlying the conservation of books and the technology to monitor the collections. During the workshop, the pupils worked scientifically, took measurements using a range of scientific equipment and examined properties and changes of different materials.

“To qualify for the trip, the pupils had to read at least one million words or have considerably improved their reading level! This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils, they got to tour one of the most interesting and eye-catching libraries in the world and see an astounding array or different works,” explained Ms Irena Savova from Saint Paul’s. “After touring the building, the pupils looked at how the collections could be affected by temperature, humidity, light and pests, they learnt about the equipment used, took part in a game-show type quiz and then used their learning to collect temperature, light and humidity levels in different parts of the library and report back on their results to compare to other groups.”

Ms Savova added: “The building is one of the city’s most famous landmarks as well as a world-renowned research library.”

“The trip to John Rylands Library provided a unique opportunity for pupils to visit the  magnificent neo-gothic building on Deansgate, view the  world-renowned collections and learn about how the library cares for its collections,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “We are very keen to encourage reading and the joy of books at Saint Paul’s; we have some extremely avid readers. Visits like these are a great reward and provide a very valuable experience for our pupils and enhance the learning curriculum.”

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