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Pupils recently took part in a Revision Tips and Memory Techniques workshop held at the school. The sessions were designed to empower the pupils to take control over their learning by using some of the techniques learned.

The sessions were delivered in powerful interactive sessions using a variety of engaging methods. The Year 10 pupils were able to benefit from the tips and innovative techniques which also boosted their confidence in their own ability to achieve.

Mr Mike Whiteside, Assistant Headteacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “Such strategies are key to raising student achievement because they empower students to take control. By using these techniques the students can revolutionise the way they learn and revise.”

“At Saint Paul’s we have a genuine desire to achieve the very best for our children,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “We believe that the secret to success is often confidence and self-belief. It is a sad reality that many young people lack faith in their own ability to succeed, so they simply give up. We see the workshop as a way of providing the pupils with the tools to succeed, their learning coupled with their self-belief together with these techniques will enable them to go on to achieve great things.”

The pupils certainly enjoyed their Revision Tips and Memory Techniques workshop, one pupil commented: “I found it really interesting and I felt so much more confident and able to tackle my school work after the workshop. The presenters made learning, and even revision, sound fun and achievable. Bring on those essays, coursework, and exams!” 

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