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April 2017

A group of students from recently visited Chester Zoo to produce some primary research for their Art studies.

Students were tasked with researching animals native to Africa for their GCSE African art brief. During the visit, the pupils were able to see a wide variety of animals; the zoo has over 7,000 animals representing over 400 different species.

The wide array of animals from Africa provided an excellent source for the students to produce primary research.

They will use their research to inform their 2D and 3D designs on their return. It also allowed them the opportunity to practice photography to support their coursework.

Miss Rebecca Coyle, Head of Art at Saint Paul’s, said: “This was a wonderful visit which provided masses of inspiration. As well as walking around the zoo, the students also enjoyed a boat tour. Whilst on the boat they could sit and photograph animals whilst moving slowly around the enclosures.

“Chester Zoo provided a unique opportunity for students to produce primary research to support their coursework.

“Whilst at the zoo, several members of the public stopped Mrs Stevenson, Art Teacher, to say that they had spoken to a large group of girls from our school who were very polite and spoke very positively about why they were at the zoo and what they hoped to achieve.”

Mr Tony Billings, Executive Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s, added: “Visits like these provide a very valuable experience for our students and enhance the learning curriculum.”

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