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Pupils have been given an advanced taste of what their GCSEs would be like when the school set them a series of Pre Public Examinations (PPE).

All students in Year 11 sat the internal examinations. Traditionally, these exams have been referred to as “mocks”. However, the school believes that the word “mock” does not accurately reflect the importance of these exams as it suggests that they are “pretend” or “just for practice”. The reality is that these exams, as well as providing excellent preparation for public examinations, also give pupils and teachers some really valuable information about current levels of performance, pupils’ strengths and those areas that they still need to develop in order to fulfil their potential in the summer. For these reasons, Saint Paul’s now refers to these exams as Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs).

Pupils collected their results in a sealed envelope, the same way that they will receive their results in August. They are now undertaking follow up work to identify their strengths and areas to develop. Parents are invited into school for Parents Evening where they will have the opportunity to discuss the results with the subject teachers.

“The exams were designed to give our pupils as real an experience as possible of their GCSE examinations,” explained Miss Tina Wilkinson, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “The pupils were exemplary during the formal examination week. They had a launch assembly where they had tips from every head of department a few weeks before the exams and then did their formal exams.”

Head Teacher, Mrs Fiona Minshall, said: “We are determined to do all we can to improve the life chances for our pupils and we believe that many opportunities can come from having good qualifications. We encouraged our pupils to approach their PPEs with the same level of determination they would for their final GCSE examinations. Adopting this attitude was extremely useful in helping them to achieve their best and truly benefit from the experience.”

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