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January 2018

Staff and students came together at Saint Paul’s when they took part in their annual Chess Tournament.

The Saint Paul’s Chess Tournament ran all week at lunchtime in the library with many students and staff competing for a place in the final.

During the year, the library has proved to be an ideal chess venue for players of all ages and abilities and the Chess Tournament has been the culmination of this interest and activity.

Mrs Irena Savova commented: “The Chess Tournament was an excellent opportunity for students and staff to test and showcase their skills. It was amazing to see their focus and concentration. I hope that this competition will encourage more young people to play chess simply for enjoyment or to improve their skills and progress in the game. There are many educational and social benefits of learning chess - it develops players’ critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, whilst helping to improve their memory and concentration.

The students take enormous pride in mastering the skills of the chess board and the challenge of the chess competition swells the students' confidence and pride. Congratulations to Aryan Kardile in Year 8 who was the winner of the tournament. Aryan played some very impressive matches with incredible skill and strategic thinking.”

Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “The chess tournament always excites a lot of interest in the school and I enjoyed taking part in it. With some very strong players, this year’s competition was a close one, resulting in a hard-fought final. Well done to all who took part!”

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