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April 2017

Students of all abilities and year groups are attended the school’s Art Club to design images demonstrating what Easter means to them.

They were provided with a range of images to inspire them by the school’s Lay Chaplain, Mr Ric Slatter and he gave a supporting talk about the various stages of the Easter story.

The designs will be entered into The Real Easter Egg competition organised by Fairtrade to share the Easter story and raise money for charity.

It is the sixth year that the competition has taken place and it has meant that Fairtrade has been able to put faith in action by supporting the Fairtrade premium and giving over £250,000 to charities

Miss Rebecca Coyle, Head of Art at Saint Paul’s, said: “We want to students to think about the Easter story and to design an image of what they think happened on Easter Sunday. All designs are based on The Bible and it was extremely useful to hear our Chaplain, Ric Slatter, talk about Easter and what it means to him.

“The designs our students are working on are amazing and it is interesting to see their interpretation of Easter and how they visualise what happened that first Easter Sunday.”

Ric Slatter said: "This competition has given us an opportunity to think more about the Easter story. Often in school we focus a lot on Jesus's passion and death during Lent and then break up for the holidays effectively leaving Jesus hanging on the cross.

“Students have had the opportunity to delve deeper into the narrative of Easter Sunday, coming face to face with the inspirational and courageous women who discovered the empty tomb and shared the hope of resurrection to all they met.

“It came as no surprise to Ms Coyle, Head of Art, that the work was of such a high standard, but I was blown away by the creativity and vison of our young artists."

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