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Staff and pupils have been working hard to raise money for the annual school Christmas event for the elderly of the community.

Pupils from the lower School, Years 7 and 8, together with the school’s Head Boy and Head Girl and prefects, gave up their time at the weekend to help raise money by bag packing at their local ASDA store.

Natalie Howe, Community Life Champion at Asda Wythenshawe, said: “We had some really good feedback about the pupils who were bag packing on Saturday. The customers said the children were really polite and well mannered. Thank you.”

The money raised will be used to fund a Christmas event for the elderly of the community which will provide a valuable link with the older generation. The school has a culture of teaching its pupils respect in a happy environment and the Christmas event is the perfect way to combine those two really important elements of the school’s philosophy.

“Fund raising is an integral part of life at Saint Paul’s,” explained Mrs Angie Holland from Saint Paul’s who has been involved with many of the fund raising activities. “The fund raising activities focus our pupils on helping and supporting others and they are also excellent in promoting team work and group cooperation.”

“Fund raising continues to be a strong feature of life at Saint Paul’s. All forms hold events for a wide variety of charities and the focus, as always, is on having fun whilst raising a great deal of money,” commented Miss Tina Wilkinson, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “It is heart-warming to see how hard they are willing to work to help others; those involved should be commended for their efforts and for the enthusiasm they have shown. As a school, we encourage such initiatives and see them as an extremely important part of personal development.”

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