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Staff and pupils have designed and developed a beautiful nature area at the school which the pupils can enjoy during their lunch break.

The pupils have been involved in the creation and maintenance of the area and through this they have learnt to respect the hard work and skill necessary to produce and maintain an attractive environment.

“Creating the nature area has given the pupils a sense of pride and achievement – and hopefully will encourage them to develop a life-long respect for the environment in general,” said Mrs Angie Holland from Saint Paul’s. “The area is richly diverse with trees, plants, flowers, grass, seats and animals; we have also bought a number of bird feeders and a hedgehog house.”

The pupils have been so enthusiastic about the nature area and look forward each day to spending time there,” commented Miss Tina Wilkinson, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “Also establishing a wildlife area provides many opportunities for extending classroom activities. Apart from the benefits to the school itself, some satisfaction can be felt that another small but safe habitat has been provided for Britain’s dwindling wildlife!”

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