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The new prefects at Saint Paul’s have now taken on their new duties. Being a prefect is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important connection between students and staff.

The prefects were selected based on them having a caring and sensible nature, being reliable and honest, trustworthy, mature, patient and kind, being a good listener, well behaved and responsible with a good attitude.

Mrs Lisa Baillie, Assistant Headteacher at Saint Paul’s, said: “There are many benefits from being a prefect, pupils gain many skills such as leadership skills, as the prefects have had the opportunity to work with the lower years in the school. They also learn how to manage responsibility as they attend weekly meetings and are given individual tasks which allows them to be more independent.”

Mrs Baillie added: “Becoming a prefect is a valuable goal and the position of prefect forms an important part of a pupil’s personal development, opening their mind to new levels of responsibility and participation in a very positive way.”

“Prefects play a vital part in the running of Saint Paul’s; assisting and supporting both staff and pupils They are a tremendous help to the school and play a particularly important role in supporting younger students,” explained Miss Tina Wilkinson Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “The title of Prefect is given in recognition of the importance that the school places on leadership, teamwork and collective responsibility. The Prefects act as guardians of our high standards and as ambassadors for the school. They put a lot of effort in to making the school’s systems run smoothly and helping organise fun events for other pupils.”

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