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At Saint Paul’s, Pupil Voice is seen as extremely important and the school works hard to ensure that it involves pupils in decisions at school that affect them.

Recently pupils across the school took part in a Pupil Voice activity; discussions took place in form time throughout the week and each form sent a representative to the Pupil Voice meeting to feedback. At the meeting, four Year 11 senior prefects led year group discussions about what is going well at Saint Paul's and what could happen to make the school even better. Discussions took place about lunchtime arrangements, uniform, teaching and learning and school trips.

The Year 11 pupils will now collate the results and will present their findings to Executive Head Teacher, Mr Tony Billings, and the Senior Leadership Team.

“Consultation is about talking with pupils about things that matter in school. Pupil Voice is an important feature of school life and a significant way for pupils to have genuine and meaningful influence,” explained Mrs Lisa Baillie, Assistant Headteacher.  “We work hard to encourage contributions from all in our school community. The pupils appreciate the opportunity to share their opinions and look forward to helping to support and be involved in school improvement.”

Mr Tony Billings said: “Giving pupils meaningful influence benefits everyone in the school community: Pupil Voice is about pupils having the opportunity to have a say in decisions in school that affect them. Giving pupils opportunities to think and talk about aspects of teaching and learning can have a direct impact on their development and on their understanding of how they learn. It is about forming more open and trustful relationships between staff and students.’’

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