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September 2017

Staff and students took part in a Summer School to enable primary school children to become more familiar with secondary school life.

60 students from our six feeder primary schools came to Saint Paul’s for a week.. There were a number of different activities based on the theme of Mission on the Beach and students enjoyed a week of fun, adventure and activity.

During the week, the students took part in games, art activities, cookery and there were some interesting day trips including a day at the beach where the students enjoyed eating ice-creams, building sandcastles and playing beach-ball. In school, the students enjoyed a variety of sports including football, dodgeball and basketball.

The students also spent a day at the Wythenshawe Games; they took part in interactive activities including fencing, gymnastics, basketball, rock climbing and football.

A group of six missionaries from USA came along to lead a day of prayer, games and music for the students.

Mr Ric Slatter, Lay Chaplain at Saint Paul’s, said: “The feedback we received from parents/carers and students was very positive. The Summer School was a fantastic and fun way of getting to know the young people.”

“This was a very positive and successful week supporting the young people in the community and allowing them to become familiar with secondary school,” commented Mr Alex Hren, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “We wanted the students to become more familiar with our school and the sessions strengthen the link between the primary and secondary schools so aiding the transition process later in their life helping children to move smoothly from one to the other.”

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