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Staff and students from Saint Paul’s embraced and celebrated their unique talents when the school held aShare Your Talents Day. 

Staff and students were encouraged to share their talents no matter how quirky they might be. They were invited to take part in a wide range of activities including musical theatre, amateur radio, brushing up on holiday Spanish, decorating mugs and badges, knitting and crochet and baking the most mouth-watering cakes!

Mr Seamus McAuliffe, Assistant Headteacher who orgainised the event, said: “We wanted the staff and students to wholeheartedly accept their special talents and be proud to show these off to the rest of the school. Our unique talents are some of the things that make us who we are and in many cases define our personalities and our outlook to life.”

“It was a fantastic day, all members of Saint Paul’s staff were able to offer groups of students the chance to share their talents and interests,” explained Mr Tony Billings, Executive Headteacher, said: “The day allowed staff and students to embrace their abilities no matter how quirky and show them off to everyone else!”

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