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Pupils were delighted to take part in a series of events organised by The Message Trust, a worldwide movement who work with young people to share the Christian message through a range of media including music and dance.

There were a number of performances from a group called ‘Respect ME’ about topics including healthy relationships, abuse and sexting. They shared their own personal stories to communicate lessons on sexuality and self-image and were able to discuss their personal journeys with God and how this affected their decision-making.”

“Respect Me didn’t come about because we thought it would be a good idea – it came about because teachers are asking for it,” says Emma Owen from Respect Me. “These issues have always been there, but there has never been such a need to address them frankly as there is today.”

Throughout the week, the band, Twelve24, three amazing people (from the US, Ghana and Manchester) with three very powerful stories to tell, led a series of assemblies and RE lessons for the pupils who couldn’t help but be inspired by their passion and ambition to spread the word of Jesus.

Square1 dance crew, a team with a vision to reach young people through dance, led the school drama lessons with fantastic effect. They say that their goal is to tell young people that it’s never too late to start again – they can always go back to square one with God.’

The week culminated with an awesome concert at the school which started with a staff flash mob! Pupils were taken completely by surprise as staff joined in the musical celebration.
Mrs Lisa Baillie, Assistant Headteacher, said: “What makes The Message Trust’s lessons so powerful is the connection they are able to make with the pupils. Their own life stories, together with illustrations from popular culture, bring alive the Bible’s clear teaching in identity, beauty and value. Their method of sharing the gospel of Jesus through music, dance and theatre was very effective with our pupils making a great impact and providing much food for thought.”

“The Message Trust addressed a number of key issues with our pupils,” explained Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “They were able to deal with these issues in a sensitive way relating well to the pupils and their lives. They showed how their faith has made a real difference to the decisions they’ve made and the lives they lead.”

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