An incredible journey through time and space was taken by students when they visited Chorlton High School in Manchester to watch a spectacular planetarium show.

The event, funded by The Ogden Trust which promotes the studying of Physics, introduced the wonders of the universe to the Year 7 students with an amazing and engaging display of the Solar System and the Universe. They were presented with a guide to the movement of the planets, the phases of the Moon and even the mythology of some famous constellations.

Students were encouraged to investigate the wonders of the Universe including how the Earth formed and developed. They explored our place in the Universe and “visited” the inner and outer planets of the solar system. They also took a journey into the night sky and its wonders as seen from Earth.

“The students were able to immerse themselves in the wonders of space at this unique event,” explained Miss Rachel Broadbent from Saint Paul’s. “The display brought science to life for the students who were able to examine motions of the Sun and stars across the sky. The students listened and watched intently and their sense of awe at the beauty and mysteries of the Universe was palpable. They enjoyed the experience very much; their evaluation forms were full of praise for the whole experience.”

Mr Tony Billings, Executive Headteacher, said: “The trip to the planetarium provided a unique opportunity for students to engage with the wonders of the universe and explore and experience the amazing night sky. Astronomy is part of the National Curriculum and this visit provided a very valuable experience for our students and enhances the learning curriculum.  Such visits are greatly appreciated by both the staff and the students.”

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