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Pupils were delighted to welcome boy band “The Scheme” to their school where they performed some of their songs and gave a strong anti-drugs message.

With influences ranging the full spectrum from The Script, The Beatles, One Republic, Coldplay, Queen, right through to Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Jill Scott and Alicia Keyes, The Scheme have created a very different and fresh sound. As a band there’s no ‘front man’, no ‘lead’, it’s their combined mix that makes them unique.

The session began with the band’s performance, which was followed by a drug education and life skills presentation, a Q&A with students about the presentation and the band, and finally an autograph session for the pupils.

The Scheme’s talk included examples of how they made good life choices when they were offered these substances when they were at school. They talked through how these situations arose, their reaction, what they did, along with the risks and consequences of the situation. The main message of the presentation was “to make the right decisions in life”, and “to live a healthy lifestyle”.

“The live performance was so engaging that when the drug education message was being delivered, the pupils wanted to be involved and were listening to the band's every word. It was a great way to deliver an important message,” explained Ms Ursula Gallagher from Saint Paul’s. “The Scheme talked about the very negative social and health effects of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and encouraged our pupils to say “no” to becoming involved in them.”

“The presentation by The Scheme supports the anti-drugs message that we constantly deliver at Saint Paul’s,” commented Miss Tina Wilkinson, Deputy Headteacher at Saint Paul’s. “They delivered a very strong and effective message about saying “no” to drugs and they discussed the issue with peer pressure and gave advice on how to respond if encouraged to take drugs or alcohol.”

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