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Fizzes and whizzes were all around as staff and pupils enjoyed an inspirational science lecture designed to ignite their interest in chemistry!

As part of British Science Week, year 9 pupils enjoyed The Flash-Bang Show which was presented by Dr. Frank Mair from the University of Manchester. During the lecture, the brilliance of science was brought to life with some amazing, high energy experiments which were spectacular both visually and aurally.

Many of the eye-catching experiment classics were showcased and a few newer chemical demonstrations were introduced. The pupils enjoyed watching rapid colour changes, chemical clocks, explosions, intense flame colours and indoor fireworks.

The emphasis was on instilling a sense of excitement and wonder, but also the fast-paced demonstrations were linked with a commentary that delivered a useful illustration of a range of points of the syllabus being studied by the pupils.

“It was an extravaganza of sound and vision that definitely captured the attention and enthusiasm of our pupils,” commented Mr Stephen McMahon, Head of Science at Saint Paul’s. “There were some great demonstrations featuring sudden colour changes, flashes and explosions. These combined very well to give students a greater understanding of chemistry as well as reminding them about why science is awesome.

“The lecture focused on the magic of Science and the ‘special effects’ appealed to our pupils’ sense of adventure,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “The lecture was pitched just right with a fantastic balance of being interesting and inspiring bur also relating to the pupils’ studies. It sparked interest in science and in studying science at university.”

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