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The red carpet was rolled out for our pupils as staff rewarded them for an excellent Autumn term. The school likes to reward the pupils by recognizing the great things they do and this time the pupils were treated to a movie with a red carpet entrance which was lined by the Head Teacher and the Senior Team who clapped the pupils into the hall in true ‘movie premier’ style.

A group of Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) pupils, who had behaved and performed impeccably during the Autumn term, were invited to a hot dog lunch with a movie and popcorn as a much deserved ‘thank you’ from the school.

The pupils were selected based on them always looking smart with correct uniform and always being equipped and ready to learn. Those pupils who had received a Head Teacher’s Fantastic Friday Pupil of the Week Award and those pupils who had received a Progress Leader Award for progress, achievement, extra-curricular or going above and beyond were invited to attend.

“As a school we pride ourselves on acknowledging and celebrating the successes of our pupils,” said Ms Diane Keary, Progress Leader Year 7. “Such rewards, not only celebrate pupils’ successes, but also inspire and motivate the young people to achieve their very best and become confident, independent learners.”

Mrs Stella McGovern, Progress Leader Year 9 explained: “The pupils had worked so hard throughout the term and put in a great deal of effort to support the school. We were delighted with them and wanted to thank them for their fantastic attitude.”

“The movie and lunch was a fantastic treat for the pupils and they loved it!” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “Praising and rewarding students has a very positive effect and we want all of our pupils to have a drive to achieve during their time at Saint Paul’s. This vision, in turn, raises standards and improves behaviour and attendance as pupils feel happier and have a greater sense of belonging.”

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