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Staff, pupils and parents were delighted to take part in a Transition Day to aid the smooth transfer of pupils from primary school to secondary school.

The day involved a range of activities for the families including “hands on” sessions in the Food Tech department where the focus was on teaching the children and parents about the pleasures of cooking and healthy eating. As well as providing a solid basis for learning life skills, it is hoped that this will encourage them to experiment for themselves.

Whilst working in the food tech department the pupils made “mood cookies” which they produced and decorated to show how they felt about moving to high school. They also produced some delicious fruit kebabs and talked about healthy food choices and the importance of starting the day with a healthy breakfast.

Next it was on to the Treasure Hunt, where the families had to walk around the school with prefects guiding them and had to guess what subject was taught in the room.  Extra points were earned if they were able to name the member of staff who taught in the room. 

The families were then invited to take part in some sporting activities including badminton and boxing.

The sessions were held at Saint Paul’s with the pupils who were transferring from primary school to secondary school and their parents. The aim was to make the children feel comfortable in, and familiar with, their new surroundings whilst, at the same time, gaining some important life skills.

“The feedback we received from parents/carers and pupils was very positive. The input of parents and carers is greatly valued by Saint Paul’s and the transition day was a fantastic and fun way of getting to know and involving parents and younger siblings in school life and their children’s education right from the beginning of their time at the school,” explained Ms Diane Keary, Head of Year 7 at Saint Paul’s. “We use the activities as a way to engage with the pupils, for example, when the pupils were making the mood cookies, they were able to discuss with us how they were feeling about moving to secondary school and any hopes and fear they had about the change. I had spent some time meeting the pupils whilst they were at primary school so that we could facilitate a smooth transition to secondary school. This session consolidated that work resulting in successful happy transitions.”

 “Engaging and working with parents/carers is a vital part of providing children with an excellent education,” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “We wanted the pupils and parents to become more familiar with our school and the sessions strengthen the link between the primary and secondary schools so aiding the transition process helping children to move smoothly from one to the other.”

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