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Pupils have been joining the increasingly popular Cooking Club at the school. The school sees cooking as a core life skill and their aim is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to cook and enjoy good food.
The Cooking Club aims to give Year 7 pupils a solid grounding in cookery, allowing them to develop their knowledge and set of skills, discover a passion for food and find the fun and satisfaction in creating a great meal.
The club’s goals are to provide practical food opportunities and to help young people to be aware of the importance of following a healthy diet; have the necessary skills to prepare and cook healthy food; make more informed choices about the type of food and drink they consume; and follow correct food hygiene and safety procedures.

Mrs Angie Holland, Year 7 Assistant Progress Leader, explained: “Being able to shop on a budget, prepare ingredients and cook healthy dishes helps people to make healthy food choices. Learning to cook is a core life skill which helps to develop confidence and social skills.”

“At the Cooking Club, the pupils have been learning all sorts of life skills (maths, ingredients and nutrient knowledge) as well as basic kitchen techniques, which will definitely serve them well in the future,” said Mrs Diane Keary, Year 7 Progress Leader. “I have been so pleased to see the pupils branching out to try new foods and I have been thrilled to watch the children approach even seemingly complex recipes or techniques with an amazing “can do” attitude.”

“Studies show that children who are welcomed in to the kitchen and are allowed to help prepare and cook food are less fussy and eat more healthily. They’re also more likely to try new foods, and learn about the provenance of food and about waste and how to reduce it,” said Miss Tina Wilkinson, Deputy Headteacher.

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