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Pupils at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe have been busy raising money to buy some candlesticks for the school chapel and some to donate to a school in Gambia which is supported by the Marist Sisters.

The pupils collected 20 pence pieces in Smartie tubes which went to fund the purchase of wooden candlesticks which spell the word “Hope” which will be used in the school’s chapel and the remainder went to buy equipment such as pens, pencils and paper to be used by a school in Gambia.

Ms Diane Keary explained: “Working with others toward a common goal is an important part of school fundraising. Our hope is that, through their exposure to a range of activities and causes, our pupils will develop a sense of the type and scale of need that exists in modern life.”

“The candlesticks will be used at mass and will be displayed in the chapel. The pupils can feel very proud of themselves each time they see them in use; they will also be a reminder throughout their school journey of the happy memories of the day spent at the Marist Centre.”

“At Saint Paul’s we encourage our pupils to develop a strong sense of social responsibility by considering their place in the wider community, and supporting those less fortunate than themselves.” commented Mrs Fiona Minshall, Head Teacher at Saint Paul’s. “Charity fundraising events are a key part of the school’s ethos. It makes me very proud to see the enthusiasm displayed by our students as they seek to raise funds in support of those in need.”

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