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Engineering is taught as part of the KS3 Technology rotation, and in KS4 as an option.
Key Stage 3
KS3 teaching places high emphasis on the use modern technology in the designing and making of artifacts.
Much of the research and designing tasks are completed using appropriate computer software. The use of
CAD/CAM is maximised throughout the design and make process. Assembly skills and processes are
developed through stimulating design and make activities.
Key Stage 4
Year 10 and 11:
GCSE Engineering AQA
External Assessment 40%
Controlled Assessment 60%
BTEC First Diploma EDEXCEL
Coursework 100%
Year 11:
BTEC First Diploma/First Extended Certificate EDEXCEL
Coursework 100%

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Williams, Deputy Headteacher on 0161 499 0000.

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