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Expressive & Performing Arts


 KS3 Music

At Key stage three students are taught how to develop as well rounded musicians by learning about performance, composition and the evaluation of music. Throughout their time in music students are encouraged to work collaboratively to develop their interpersonal and problem solving skills. An array of music is taught to expose music from other cultures and historical periods. For more information, please download the Music PDF from the link below.

KS4 GCSE Music ( AQA)
Course Description

GCSE Music helps students todevelop subject knowledge, understanding and skills, through listening to a variety of music, playing music and creating their own music.  The specification places a strong weighting on practical aspects of music (70 per cent), with choices catering for a wide range of interests and abilities. This four-unit GCSE assesses students' skills in listening and appraising, composing and performing music.  GCSE Music offers a solid foundation for progression to other music studies, including A Level Music and often to a music-related career. Our course provides the opportunity for students to develop valuable transferable skills such as self-confidence, concentration, creativity, evaluation and team work.

The course isassessed on four units.
·        Unit 1 - Listening to and appraising Music 42701 written paper - 1 hour 80 marks 20%
·        Unit 2: Composing and appraising Music 42702 Externally assessed 40 marks 20%
·        Unit 3: Performing Music 42703 Controlled assessment - 60 marks 40%
·        Unit 4: Composing Music 42704 Controlled assessment 30 marks 20%

At St. Paul’s we offer a variety of instrumental lessons that available to our students. Students are encourages to take graded exams and to perform in the numerous music events held both in school and the local community. These include:
·        Steel pans
·        Guitar
·        Bass guitar
·        Drums
·        Piano
·        Flute
·        Saxophone
·        Clarinet
·        Violin
·        Viola


We also offer instrumental clubs such as
·        vocal group
·        wood wind ensemble
·        string ensemble
·        choir 
These clubs are run at lunch times and after school and perform regularly in school and around Manchester.
Extra-curricular performances around Manchester

Recently the school choir has had some major success not just in the local community when performing at Wythenshawe hospital and the local Care homes, but also having the opportunity to perform at the phones4u arena alongside Gary Barlow in front of 23,000 people. The students performed his jubilee record “sing” with year 11 student Olivia Linguard singing the opening and closing solo. The Choir also took part in interviews in the Manchester evening news in the article “They have the X Factor: School choir takes to the stage with Gary Barlow” also in radio interviews with Wythenshawe FM and BBC radio Manchester.

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Williams, Deputy Headteacher on 0161 499 0000.

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