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International Links

Saint Paul’s has developed partnerships in China which will benefit both sides through the sharing of expertise and practice, as well as providing opportunities for students and teachers to learn about and experience vastly different cultures. 

Since April 2011, Saint Paul’s has enjoyed links with Huimin School in Beijing, China. Huimin School is located in the Xuanwu district of Beijing, within walking distance of the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. 

The school has over 1,700 students aged between 14 and 19.  It is expected that the overwhelming majority of pupils will go on to university.  The school has a beautiful campus which is an oasis of calm amongst the high rise apartment blocks, shops, offices and hotels that surround it.  The school is well known in Beijing for its academic achievements, as well as for the excellent football team and very talented orchestra.

The principal Mr Wei, has made staff extremely welcome during their visit and has extended an invitation to us to visit with pupils when the opportunity arises.

Why China?

China has invested huge sums of money into the British economy.  As a country, they are the second biggest economy in the world, and are on target to overtake the USA during our children’s working lives.

Many British companies have received significant investment from China.  For example, Barclay’s Bank, BP, Superdrug, Harvey Nichols, Weetabix and Maganese (who make black-cab taxis) are all partially owned by China.

Locally, the Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) has a 20% stake in Airport City, a £800 million development at Manchester Airport.  

At Saint Paul’s we believe that in addition to developing an appreciation and understanding of  the world in which they  live, by learning a little about the culture and traditions of Chinese people they will improve their prospects in the future employment market.

Another school in China Saint Pauls is proud partners with is the Hangzhou Number 7 School. Hangzhou is a beautiful city approximately 200 miles from Shanghai.  When he visited in 2013, Mr Ramsay was so impressed with Hangzhou Number 7 High School, that he agreed to their request for a link and our second Chinese school partnership was formed.

Hangzhou Number 7 High School has nearly 2000 students aged 14 to 19, many of whom board at the school.  They are a specialist art school that is respected throughout China.  The school has an amazing gallery for displaying student work.  It is in beautiful grounds with lots of structures, plants, trees and sculptures for the pupils to study, draw and paint.

Many of the students go on to study at Hangzhou Art Academy, one of the most respected Universities of Art in the whole of Asia.

Read more about our recent exchange visits with China in our news section here.

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